Software tailored for higher education:



Spend Viz

Spend analysis reports and contract management modules provide you with a clear view of your spending. Spend Viz has the ability to classify 100% of an institution's spending. Spend Viz offers a variety of canned reports to monitor spending and identify areas of savings as well as an ad hoc reporting tool that provides flexibility to develop specialized reports. Our contract management module makes keeping track of contracts easy and efficient, boosting profitability and compliance.

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KFS Interface

Quick and easy reporting is possible on your Kuali Financial System with this module.

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The Spend Viz system plugs directly into Microsoft Power BI

Business intelligence like never before. 

Go from data to insights in minutes. 

Any data, any way, anywhere. And all in one view.

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Sample County Impact Report in Microsoft Power BI:

   Software tailored for higher education:  

Spend Viz

    Spend Analysis Reports

    Customer Relationship Management

    Contract Management

KFS Interface 


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