We offer 13 spend analysis reports to provide you with a clear view of your spending. If Spend Viz is missing a report that you need, we will add it to our product at no additional cost.

 The following reports are available in Spend Viz: 

Account Group Report


Actual Savings Report  


Classification Percent Report collects spend by segment and identifies how well the spend is classified in each of the UNSPSC Levels (e.g. family, class, commodity).


Economic Impact Report aggregates spend based on vendor remit to zip codes. Regional Profiles  are defined and created that “bucketize” the spend into groups of zip codes. Results are presented in raw dollars and as percentages of total University spend for the defined periods.


e-Procurement Vendor Report combines e-Procurement vendor spend across UNSPSC classification. The data is presented in a table by e-Procurement, other spend (e-Procurement enabled vendors, but via other systems) and standard (non e-Procurement vendors) spend.


Potential Savings Report  



Preferred Vendor Report gathers spend across UNSPSC classification and presents the information across standard and preferred vendor spend.


Price Comparison Report


Run Rate Report shows the impact of contract savings in past, present, and future fiscal periods.  Forecasting uses the spend for the base fiscal year to forecast the spend in a future year or a year where some of the spend has been imported but not all of the spend. The average Consumer Price Index is used to adjust all spend numbers back to the base year’s dollars.


Rogue Spend Report


Spend Analysis Report enables the user to “drill down” from level or view of UNSPSC data to a more granular level.


Spend Table Report gathers spend across any value and presents it in an x and y table classification.  Users have the choice to present spend only, transaction counts only, or both.


Vendor Diversity Report collects spend based on the status of the vendor (e.g. minority, women owned, small, veteran owned, hub zone). Users have the ability to select a comparable year and a review year. Results are presented in raw dollars and as percentages of total university spend for the defined periods.


Vendor Type Report amasses spend by a selected “view” and identifies which spend is e-procure, preferred, alternate, contract, and other spend.


Dashboard feature allows you to view all your favorite reports at once.

   Software tailored for higher education:  

Spend Viz

    Spend Analysis Reports

    Customer Relationship Management

    Contract Management

KFS Interface 



Easy to use process imports and classifies data from spreadsheets into the Spend Viz system. Our support staff is available to assist you to ensure your data is imported correctly.


Once imported into the Spend Viz system, your spend data can be organized and classified 100% utilizing UNSPSC codes.


Spend Viz offers a variety of reports to help you get a clear view of your spend. All reports and analyses can be exported into Excel spreadsheets at the click of a button saving valuable time and resources.

Contract Management

Keeping track of all of your contracts can be taxing, time consuming and if not done properly, can cost your institution money. Our contract management module makes this process easy, tracking the details of your vendor contracts, and sending out alerts when contracts need attention.

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