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Sample CRM e-mail sent from Cornell University:

   Software tailored for higher education:  

Spend Viz

    Spend Analysis Reports

    Customer Relationship Management

    Contract Management

KFS Interface 



Easy to use process imports and classifies data from spreadsheets into the Spend Viz system. Our support staff is available to assist you to ensure your data is imported correctly.


Once imported into the Spend Viz system, your spend data can be organized and classified 100% utilizing UNSPSC codes.


Spend Viz offers a variety of reports to help you get a clear view of your spend. All reports and analyses can be exported into Excel spreadsheets at the click of a button saving valuable time and resources.

Contract Management

Keeping track of all of your contracts can be taxing, time consuming and if not done properly, can cost your institution money. Our contract management module makes this process easy, tracking the details of your vendor contracts, and sending out alerts when contracts need attention.

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